Energy and hype in the market is such a wonderful thing. It creates momentum, it provides cash flow to further develop and in many ways can only ever be seen as a great thing.

But so often through these times – as we enjoy this part of the cycle – businesses lose shape and detail becomes less important. Adherences to processes and structures seem a waste of time.

Let’s look at other industries, no matter how busy QANTAS gets, their detail to safety remains intact. No matter how busy a 5 star restaurant gets, its detail to what’s presented on the plate remains intact.

As we hurtle through a seemingly wonderful market, does the detail still remain important in your business?

Quantity has a quality

Joseph Stalin once said “quantity has a quality all of its own.”

Ask yourself:

If I speak to more people than other agents;
If I connect with more people than other agents;
If I touch more people than other agents;
If I help more people than other agents;
And if I do all of this without expecting something in return, then I will…?

Two positive magnets don’t connect

As a child I was always fascinated by how two positive magnets would never join together no matter how hard I pushed. Opposites attracting is no more evident than with magnetics.

It’s a strange thing in real estate how we are drawn to the sale. We find a buyer who is ready to buy and try to match them to a vendor who is not ready to sell. This desire to create the sale is like pushing together two positive magnets. One of the key ingredients to creating a sale is ensuring that the intents are aligned, and often times that takes structure and patience. Remember, speed kills.