Have you ever wondered?

Being a Brisbane boy I remember there was election that occurred in 1991 for the Mayor of Brisbane. At that point in time, Sallyanne Atkinson was the incumbent. She was hugely popular with the people and it came as a shock when she was voted out. So many years on, I am still fascinated that I haven’t met anyone who will admit to voting against Sallyanne – everyone claims they voted for her, yet she was beaten. Someone out there didn’t vote for her – the majority of people, in fact.

In many ways I feel the same about sliding commission. Everyone claims they don’t discount their commission, yet we continue to see rates declining. Someone out there is cutting commission. As with everything, there is a large percentage of the industry who want to take a shortcut. There is so much rhetoric given out as tools to ensure commission is held, yet commission by and large declines across the country. Have you ever wondered why?

In an earlier post I talked about trust being our industry’s core product. Every vendor would like to make decisions based on trust. Many owners don’t believe that the trust is out there, so they call in multiple agents. Trust is lacking, therefore owners have to strike out top-level decision making and drop down to the next level; fees and/or method.

Are you contributing to the climb of commission rates, or are you one of the people that said you voted for Sallyanne?