The underlying reality

It’s always interesting to fully understand what drives someone’s business, as everyone has a vision of how they would like their business to be by way of look, feel and action. The majority of people in our industry actually know what to do and what they would like their business to be.

What really runs a business is the underlying reality. I’ll give you an example: people often say, “I must make 50 phone calls a week”, “I must create the perfect week”. The underlying reality is made up of the real actions that occur in every minute of every day. What exists with the highly successful people in our industry is where their vision – what they want their business to be – and the underlying reality actually meet.

A great exercise is to think about how you want your business to operate, then look at what actually occurs on a daily basis and assess the gap. For it is in that gap where the magic lives.

Two positive magnets don’t connect

As a child I was always fascinated by how two positive magnets would never join together no matter how hard I pushed. Opposites attracting is no more evident than with magnetics.

It’s a strange thing in real estate how we are drawn to the sale. We find a buyer who is ready to buy and try to match them to a vendor who is not ready to sell. This desire to create the sale is like pushing together two positive magnets. One of the key ingredients to creating a sale is ensuring that the intents are aligned, and often times that takes structure and patience. Remember, speed kills.