Unlike golf

Golf is one of the few sports in the world where the ball remains motionless at impact.

You would think that would make it easier.

Real estate is one of the few industries in the world where we know exactly where our customers live.

You would think that would make it easier.

In fact, unlike golf, it does make it easier.  You simply have to be prepared to build relationships.


One thought on “Unlike golf

  1. Relationship is like a woven cord consisting of strands of common interest.
    In real estate we often talk about gaining common ground, this being the way to start these relation ships, when meeting home owners in our community.
    However finding these strands of commonality happens when we are interested in the people, living in these houses. Each time we communicate and build, these strands are being woven together.
    Many times they do have little to do with real estate. Only when folk need a reliable trustworthy person
    in relation to their piece of real estate, will they remember and pull on strong woven string, which was built over a period of time.

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