The great difference

It’s the time of year where goals are set and dreams of ambition and success consume people.

Normally these goals are set around number of sales, number of listings; the all important pay packet. What if this year your goals were set around community involvement, customer care and adding real value to the people who own homes in your community?

Now, wouldn’t that be a year of great difference?


3 thoughts on “The great difference

  1. Hi Macca , like it ! Great Idea !! I’m very active in our Mission Bay Area involving community activities . Wayne Maguire and I sponsor a Stand Up Paddle Board race every Thursday evening with over 200 paddlers taking place . This costs Wayne and I a few $000 for 12 races , however we are making an impact in our community with potential clients now recognizing our/my input into promoting a fun even which showcases our wonderful environment . This is no small feat , I give up on average 6 hours every Thursday afternoon/evening for 13 weeks …. So with planning and set up time etc it is probably up to 200 hours over a 12 month period . I really enjoy it and am meeting a wonderful group of people , who know think of me as their local real estate agent , and generally good bloke ( how could they not Macca ) Anyway , that’s some community work I’m involved in , in my Patch , you’ve probably seen some of the footage I put on my Facebook page regularly . Cheers . JH

  2. Hi Mark Did you know that in 2011 our house was flooded? The most valuable thing I lost was all my training notes from your sessions over the years. I couldn’t replace them. Thank you.

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