Good Day coffee

There’s a coffee shop I go to on the Gold Coast. For all intents and purposes it shouldn’t work; it faces away from the beach, it’s on a busy highway, and it’s in a rather stand alone location. Yet it’s always packed.

The question is – why? It’s because it does the things that matter extraordinarily well. The coffee is excellent, the vibe and energy of the staff are amazing.

The business is obviously focussed on being successful, as all businesses are and should be. But the real focus is on the experience; the attention to detail in the little things.

As markets across Australia begin to change, this attention to detail in real estate is now more vital than ever before.

The quality of your presentations, the detail in your follow up, the willingness to create platforms to have meaningful discussions with owners – it’s not one factor, but a combination of everything that will allow your business to thrive and survive when all things around you suggest that you shouldn’t.

Just like my coffee shop, if you get the detail right, every day is a good day.


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