The basket is always half full

When my children were young it always amused me when they opened a packet of chips and the bag was half full.

I can’t help but think we give our vendors and buyers a similar feeling when – after they’ve helped us make tens of thousands of dollars – we give them a settlement hamper that has more packaging than it does gifts.

I think all of these people and the value they provide is far greater than a basket half full of shredded paper.


6 thoughts on “The basket is always half full

  1. HI Mark – Thank you for the reminder – I need to get off my backside and address this crucial part of the business – need to ensure life long client and friends – thank you

  2. Great analogy. Tomorrow I leave for Bali for 5 days. Taking 2 clients with me who’ve provided great support of my business over the last 3 years with referrals and properties to sell. No room for shredded paper in our luggage!!

  3. Hi Mark, great comment. I always like give something that reflects the clients personality. Out of towners get locally made products, garden lovers get plants. (Don’t like flowers much – they die)etc, etc.
    It’s more personal and they love it.
    Just going the extra mile and thinking about the people who have just made a nice contribution to your income.
    Keep up the great work

  4. Simple but true. Sometimes it seems realtors are just focusing on closing the deal without making any connection to a buyer. That is wrong, and the best realtors know it. It is not about making the biggest income in the shortest time. It is about finding people new homes, and giving them necessary advice.

  5. I always love following your blogs Mark. Totally agree with you!
    I also find it’s not only about whether the hamper is half full or half empty, as that is the impression one may have if they are an optimist or a pessimist, whether they are hungry or not hungry? We provide hampers that are well presented with qualitative products inside. I always invite our vendors to a lovely dinner on settlement or they sometimes invite me to dinner, I gladly accept and with their consent I pay the bill either way.
    So that half empty hamper doesn’t look so empty any longer after everyones tummies and tastebuds are satisfied. Everyone remembers an awesome dinner hey!
    Property, fashion and food all go hand in hand in our industry.
    Seeing, touching, smelling, listening and of course, let’s finish it off with a brilliant meal.

    Love your work Mark, always inspiring.

  6. Hi Macca , Sometimes we are employed to solve a problem for our clients and the assistance we give our clients can make massive changes to their lives. . It’s an important and rewarding role that we have as selling agents and when they know you care and that you have done everything you can for them then that is the part of Real Estate I enjoy. .My clients always get great service and at the settlemt a special present .
    I really enjoy following your blog and your very direct training style. Absolutely awesome and we are very lucky to have you at Ray White to offer us guidance and fantastic leadership . Regards from The Paul Farrelly Team in Southern Tasmania.

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