Treat your business like a butcher

I found myself in a butcher on Saturday morning, which is not unusual. But on this visit I stood back and watched how the butcher handled his customers; his intimate knowledge of his product, and most importantly, how he addressed every customer by their first name and asked how their family was.

What does a butcher have to do with real estate?

Firstly, independent butchers are up against two massive conglomerates: Woolworths and Coles, and yet through outstanding customer service and unbelievable product knowledge they are able to withstand price cutting at its greatest.

There’s so much talk about commissions being challenged around the country. It may well pay to go and hangout at your local butcher, because the good ones have not only survived, they’ve thrived against the fierce competition of Woolies and Coles.

At this time when you’re looking to kick start your year, remember, we could all do worse than model our business on the thriving butcher.

And I’ll see you at Richie’s this Australia Day.


6 thoughts on “Treat your business like a butcher

  1. For that special occasion, or when I am feeling rich I go to these guys but could not afford to live off them. I think a lot of the mass don’t go and may be this is a factor with us too.

  2. After owning and running a butcher shop for 12 years before getting into real estate there is nothing more important that building relationships in both these industries. This has been one skill that carried over for me.

  3. Interesting comments on butchers Mark, i was (still am) a butcher before I joined print media and real estate, and the total service I learnt to provide carried through to real estate.
    If you’re not HAPPY to provide service, then you won’t succeed in real estate, and also, you won’t achieve personal satisfaction

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