Fishing line decorations

Every year I get Christmas cards from people I have spoken to maybe once or twice in my life.

For some reason they think this card is going to build a relationship with me. I can’t help but wonder if these people spend an hour generically signing their name and send these card out in bulk.

If you’re someone who sends Christmas cards every year in the hope that you will miraculously build relationships, then you need to understand that all these cards do is hang on fishing line between the curtains.


4 thoughts on “Fishing line decorations

  1. Very good point Mark – I have been sending Christmas Cards to clients for the past 15 years – that is, to those clients in my “Trust Account” – “Pipeline” – Investing the time and having genuine interest makes the difference behind the purpose of hand writhing and signing the cards – it’s surprising how many one receives back from clients – that is the difference…….

  2. this is so true. Picking up the phone and face to face is the best form of setting up the relationship.
    Sending Xmas Cards is great but we need to extend on that.

  3. I have received 3 appraisals and 1 list & sold from Xmas cards in the last 2 years.
    BUT…….. That was from 445 cards each year. (making the success ratio debatable).

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