Customers for life

Many years ago the term ‘customers for life’ was bandied about the industry as if it was going to save the world.

In a past blog I discussed the need to have a marathon runners attitude when so many agents approach real estate with a sprinters mindset. The greatest challenge I can give you is to go and knock on the doors of the homes that you sold between two and three years ago.

So many agents have very little contact with the owners of these homes. If you do this exercise, 99 per cent will tell you they’re not selling because they assume that the only reason you could be contacting them is to try and make more money.

These people could so easily have been – with some structure and process – a customer for life.


One thought on “Customers for life

  1. The back stop for this is to ensure these clients are managed by your Loan Market Adviser, who will manage the client’s variable or fixed interest rate, as such will have regular contact with the client annually or once every 2 – 3 years face to face.
    These discussion reveal the client’s mid to long term goals including property, allowing the client to be referred back to source (the referring agent) well in advance of it being time to consider listing….

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