Call me Mark

Last weekend I attended an open for inspection and while I was there I gave my name and my address to the agent. In fact I only live 50 metres from the open home and the agent even acknowledged I was a home owner in the street.

Yet two days later I received a letter from this agent to my home addressing me as “the home owner”.

All I ever wanted to be called was Mark. You see, the best way to build a relationship is to actually call someone by their name.


8 thoughts on “Call me Mark

  1. The most important thing for a person is their name – that is why we should always spend the time to acknowledge it, ensure the spelling is 100% correct and then place it in our database and direct correspondence in their name – it’s the attention to detail, enthusiasm and planning that will take care of the rest.

  2. You are so right Mark. As an ex-primary school teacher, my students were very familiar with the phrase “Good manners cost nothing.” The very first thing my students had modelled and were encouraged to use was a person name. As visitors would come to our room and I would say eg, “Good morning Andrew,” If Andrew replied, “Good morning”my students would look at me and sadly but knowingly shake their heads. When 12 year olds can learn the simple basics of ‘good’ manners there is no excuse for anyone.


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