Everything we need

I was recently in an office when an agent was complaining about their opposition when trying to list a home in their area.

I challenged the agent and asked: “how long has the home been there?” It was in an old and very established suburb and they replied “probably 100 years”.

I then asked the agent how many times they had been past the home. They said: “I’ve lived here all my life, probably 1000 times”.

My last question was: “do you know the names of the owners?” At this, the agent went to their computer and came up with a name.

The home had been there 100 years, the agent had been past it 1000 times and they had the name of the owner.

In fact, this agent had all the things they needed to list the property, except the one thing that really matters: a relationship with the person who owns the home.


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