Coffee, anyone?

I took a group of agents to a coffee shop a number of years ago. The owner of the shop was a friend of mine and prior to our arrival I asked him to tell us when we ordered our coffees that he had run out of time to order his coffee beans.

When he told the group he had no coffee beans, they all smirked and said “what type of business owner doesn’t have time to ensure they have their stock?”

I looked at them and smiled, then left.

Over the next week, one by one they rang me to say that they knew that I’d set  up the encounter and they had learnt their lesson.

As an agent, having no stock is absolutely no different to a cafe owner having no coffee.


6 thoughts on “Coffee, anyone?

  1. Reminds me of the story about the ‘Pub with no Beer’….Slim Dusty. Sadly, only those veterans still amongst us will understand what I am rattling on about!

    Seriously Mark, I look forward to and enjoy reading your blog contributions very much. All are thought provoking.

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