I just want to be on the podium

As a sports-loving nut, I’m often moved by our sporting icons when they stand on the podium and accept their accolades. Whether it’s Daniel Ricciardo who just won his first Grand Prix or one of our elite athletes at the Olympics.

When you look behind these special moments you see years of dedication, sacrifice and determination to arrive at this one moment in time.

You hear their stories of defeat, rejection and ultimate triumph, and we all know it has taken them years to get to that podium.

Let’s convert this to real estate talk: you made your calls and built your database. You understand the feeling of ill-discipline and felt the exhilaration of discipline. You understand why you missed out on the listing. You were prepared to build structures and you invited process into your world. And that’s why today, you can stand on the podium.

I can’t help but feel that many people want to bypass the years, the rejection, the discipline and the effort. They just want to stand on the podium.


One thought on “I just want to be on the podium

  1. A great thought Mark – one has to ‘EAT THEIR GREENS’ – do the challenging tasks the first half of a day to be successful in real estate – never take anything personally – people are living their lives and when we understand that each rejection improves our character – and by the way very NO we acquire is heading for the YES – NO’s are therefore making us financially successful –

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