A professional sportsperson’s perspective

Every professional sportsperson has game day. A game on every week, everything on the line. Game day is determined by their energy, their feeling and ultimately it determines their pay.

It’s the same in the life of a real estate agent. Saturday is game day. A professional sportsperson will prepare all week for that day. Up early every morning, training, discipline and after all these pre-commitments, game day will always be a long one.

Are you treating Saturday as game day? Are you prepared for it be the longest and most important day of the week? Just like the professional sportsperson, game day will define your pay.


2 thoughts on “A professional sportsperson’s perspective

  1. Too often new people to the industry begrudge working on Saturday. If they’re not keen on working game day when they’re supposed to be in their most enthusiastic stage of their real estate careers then they don’t deserve the opportunity.

  2. Game Day is the day that ends in y, Focus on that day and the rest shall happen. Welcome to the most exhilarating and challenging sport on earth, Real Estate. Spot on Mark.

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