Discipline has a feeling

With a group I was recently working with, I asked them to describe how undisciplined felt. The words they used were to the effect of: flat, uninspired, loser. I then in turn asked them to describe what discipline felt like. They used words such as: inspired, happy, achievement, progression. It was an interesting discussion, to have agents relay how they felt when they were either disciplined or undisciplined around their everyday tasks.

I went on to ask the group to look at their business and describe how much of it was disciplined or undisciplined. In a lot of cases, people indicated they spent quite a large percentage of time in an undisciplined way, which when you follow this thinking through, made them feel negative and in some cases they even described themselves as losers. This cannot not be conducive to productive outcomes.

Sometimes we shouldn’t think, we should feel. Because discipline – and its ugly brother ill discipline – actually have a feeling.


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