It was recently shared with me by our IT director, Tony Carroll, that the iPhone was built in 2007.  Tony then went on to explain that the NSW State of Origin team hasn’t won a series in the seven years since the iPhone was first released. The last time they won, the iPhone (and the selfie) did not exist. Maybe many footballers would be better off if it had never been invented.

As a Queenslander I am happy about the woes of NSW over the last eight years. Which brings me to my point: how quickly our world changes and how quickly technology has changed our life. Technology is a tool used to support an outcome. Ask yourself, how effectively are you using technology in your day-to-day life and are you using it to support your outcomes? A recent survey showed me that businesses using technology are becoming more efficient and more profitable.

Are you one of these people who say “I just don’t get technology”, and like a NSW footballer, never experienced the joy of what it can bring?



3 thoughts on “Queenslander

  1. I was at Sammy’s girl fish market on Sunday and read this quote from Charles Darwin and immediately thought of it’s application to real estate. “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” Janine

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