Process is like your second cousin

I was recently walking down the street and I bumped into my second cousin. This occurrence only happens a number of times a year. Every time we meet I suggest that we catch up, but in the back of my mind I’m always hoping that they never accept the invite.

When I talk to agents about structure and process, they show unbelievable enthusiasm for it on the surface until structure and process actually turn up. Just like with my second cousin I’m sure when we talk about these things initially, in the back of these agents’ minds they don’t really mean what they’re saying.

See, process and structure are two action words of a simple concept called discipline. Our industry is overwhelmed by words like motivation and enthusiasm. In my opinion, the invitation you should be accepting is one of discipline. Maybe next time I see my second cousin, they will accept my invitation, and you never know – I may even enjoy it.


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