Self-inflicted plateauing

What staggers me is how many agents across our industry allow their business to plateau. Why does this occur? Have they reached capacity as an individual and are loathe to invest in resources to expand, or do in fact skills have capacity? When you can swim in four foot of water, you can swim in 40 feet. When you can sell one home, you can sell 100.

When I look at these plateaued people it’s clear that many of them have stopped the learning. What I find strange, is it seems that they stop because they believe – and in many cases rightly so – that they can sell. Yes I do believe skills have capacity, and I’ll talk more about that at another time, but I don’t believe that learning has limits, particularly in the real estate world.

The lessons to learn are not about selling, but about running the business, managing the resources to complete everyday tasks and managing support staff. But these particular agents or business owners aren’t taught these lessons, because they shut down the learning. In fact, what they have created is self-inflicted plateauing.


3 thoughts on “Self-inflicted plateauing

  1. Agree with you Mark. It is mind blowing how some one for example can own a cafe employ a dozen people, order stock, pay bills , work 12+ hours per day and yet the average sales person is too afraid to even hire one person to help out to get ahead. . Astounding when the rewards are so great. Martin Honey

    • Martin, I couldn’t agree more. I hate to think what the quality of coffee, food and service would be like in a cafe with only one person working across all aspects of the business.

  2. great article Macca. I really believe in this further education piece on 2 levels. One for business owners and the other for salespeople. I believe there is a definite void in our industry with this especially as you have said this business has been a cottage industry for so long but is now ready for change. This is just one area

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