Above or below the line?

On a recent visit to one of Australia’s biggest department stores I remembered an article I had read about how this business was under attack from online purchasing.

As I was searching for a particular item, what I found interesting was that no-one wanted to serve me, no-one was interested in helping me and when I did find someone to speak to, they were from the wrong department.

In all walks of life, we play a game – it’s called playing above or below the line. Above the line is when you take responsibility, below the line is where you place blame – when it’s everyone’s fault but your own.

I couldn’t help but think this store was playing well below line. I have no doubt they are under attack from the online world, but I walked out of that store and I didn’t make a purchase – not because I didn’t want to, but because no-one cared.

I am quite sure if this store created a real customer experience, their stocks may not be in the shape they are today.

In real estate when things aren’t going well, many people will blame the market, their boss, the brand, or in some cases their customers. In your business, where are you playing your game – above or below the line?


3 thoughts on “Above or below the line?

  1. This is so true.
    I have had the same experience. People and business need to have more care not only of the customer but of their brand/name.
    Treat others as you would want to be treated is my motto.
    Big business need to go back to basics. Thank you for your thoughts.

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