Simple is difficult – or so it seems

I once had a meal with one of Australia’s greatest restaurateurs and he asked me what I’d like to order. I replied, “whatever you recommend”. With that out came the most wonderful t-bone steak. No sides, no sauce, just a t-bone on a plate. He then went on to tell me that in order to serve a steak on its own it has to be the highest quality of meat, seasoned and prepared to the minute. He finished by saying, simple is difficult.

One of the great joys is when people comment that the structures we are building seem simple. Realistically our industry is just that – simple – it’s stock in and stock out. But somehow amongst all the noise, we see an industry that has made it seem extraordinarily difficult. Perhaps in real estate we just try to add too many sides, looking for the next ingredient that will turn the meal into a great one. Unlike with my restaurateur friend, maybe in real estate, simple is just simple.


One thought on “Simple is difficult – or so it seems

  1. I shared a picture of my first Ray White business card from 1980 with friends on Facebook last week. There wasn’t a mobile phone number, an email address, a website, a fax number, or a social network to connect with me at. In those days I knocked out 4-5 sales per week using a phone book and a pack of 5×3 business cards.. Somehow over time we’ve complicated the pretty simple business of finding a buyer, finding a seller, and putting them together. Ah, for the good old days! 🙂

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