What’s our core product?

Every industry has a core product. If I was to ask the core product of McDonalds, people would probably say burgers. I believe McDonald’s core product is time. People feel the need to go to McDonalds when they are in a hurry, either with kids screaming in the back of the car or at three in the morning after a night on the drink; when the need for food is at its greatest. If McDonalds’ core product is time, what is the core product of real estate?

In my view that would be trust. Let me ask you a question: how much trust can you build when you haven’t built a relationship?

There are many experts out there who believe that they can deliver tricky dialogue – practiced verse – to build rapport and trust.

I think in today’s society, that’s cutting consumers a bit short. People know when real trust exists, they can feel it and they respect it. To develop trust takes time. So many people have been conned to believe that both trust and deep respect can be easily formed by holding a listing presentation or using some structured dialogue. Real trust is earned through actions, not with canned dialogue over the kitchen table in 30 minutes.


7 thoughts on “What’s our core product?

      • I totally agree, Trust in a person is the core of real estate, people need to trust the agent, being that they will be handling the vendors biggest asset, all the rest come after the trust!!

  1. Mark – you are spot on. Without trust and therefore a strong relationship with your seller/ client/ customer – the best dialogue and script in the world will have zero effect. They must believe what you are saying and that is not a script that can be “created”

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