A different view

If we never got paid from a client on the first transaction – if we only received payment on the second transaction – how different would your business look?

We are the customer

Why is it that we all expect speed of response in our day-to-day activities? A recent survey showed that as an industry we’re one of the slowest to respond  to inquiries through digital channels.

Remember, you are your customer.

The devil is in the detail

Our industry continues to do things without considering  the consequences. Today I received some direct mail from a very well known real estate agent.

  1. It was addressed to me and my ex-wife, and we have been divorced for many years.
  2. It was in reference to a property that I haven’t owned for three years.
  3. It was sent to the address of a property that’s owned by my current partner.

No matter what was inside that mail it was of little consequence because of the absence of any detail or understanding. It is this lack of depth of understanding that will create the springboard for new players to come into our industry.

Do I believe this is exclusive on one agent? No, I believe it’s exclusive to a group of agents who don’t focus on the customer experience – agents who don’t understand that the quality of data declines over time if you lack focus and structure.

More importantly, it’s exclusive to an industry that does something because someone said to do it.

The customer experience does matter. Each and every one of us just has to make sure that we care about it.